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Us two guys with code

You want to move faster, so let's go!

Skip the recruiters, rounds of interviews, new employee paperwork and get right to the fun part: making valuable progress.

Subscribe to a plan, invite me to your GitHub org and plan in a "briefing" week
You start lining up issues for me while I go into your organisation and find out issues by myself
I get to work and submit workable proposals in a few days/weeks (not months/years)

I keep it simple

no contracts No contracts

Cancel your subscription at any time (without paying unemployment, bonuses, equity and paid leaves)

no little hour, little invoice No little hour, little invoice

I don't focus on making as much hours as possible without adding real value, instead I focus on getting things done as soon as possible.

Have a slow month, or going on vacation?

Pause the subscription, use the rest of your paused month when you return. I'll even send you a reminder 5 days before renewal to make sure you really want to renew.


Without a doubt, our business relies on IT, and No Pulp's system is the backbone that keeps us operational every single day. Deniz not only provided a robust software solution, but he's been instrumental in ongoing improvements. From API integrations to entirely new systems, Deniz's expertise knows no bounds. In partnership with No Pulp, we've not only met but exceeded the 100% daily operational requirement. For us, No Pulp is more than a software provider; they're the architects of our success.

Jake Bennett

Guus Wolters

Director of Warehousing, XLShop Group B.V.

You don't need to hold my hand.

Say goodbye to hiring hassles, bonuses, equity payouts, and paid leaves. Embrace a straightforward subscription, free from long-term commitments, and full of financial freedom.

Skip the lengthy six to nine-month recruitment grind. With our model, you're a day away from having a seasoned CTO spearheading your tech initiatives. I'm battle-tested, familiar with the startup terrain, and ready to navigate the challenges alongside you.

While hiring an executive-level CTO may strain the budget, making robust strategic decisions from the get-go is not negotiable. You can access top-tier tech leadership without the hefty price tag. My aim isn't to write as much hours as possible, but to make the project and team a little better overall. Every, single, day.

No compromises on quality.

I've built up practices over the years that help you ship higher quality code.


It's common for teams to build up technical debt over the years in a long-lived application. I chip away at that technical debt with every feature I look at. It's just part of how I work. I'm obviously not a Boy Scout, but I really believe in the adage of “leaving something a little better than how you found it”. After a few months of working with me, this will really pay off in the overall quality of your application.


Advisory & coaching

Gain a fresh perspective with our CTO advisory and second opinions on architecture, strategy, organization, and processes. Empower your in-house CTO with visionary insights and a roadmap to innovation, propelling your tech strategy forward.

due diligence

Due diligence

Navigate the tech terrain with confidence as our experts dissect opportunities and risks, aligning business objectives, strategy, and architecture while evaluating innovation potential, scalability, and security.


"Working with this company's software has significantly boosted our efficiency, making us 20-30% more effective in our exhibition logistics operations. The project output streamlines our tasks, consolidating quotations, customer databases, and invoicing into one user-friendly program. The system's flexibility enables seamless collaboration across different locations, and our collaboration with the development team, while initially challenging, proved fruitful through effective communication. The software not only meets current needs but also opens up possibilities for future enhancements, such as digitizing paperwork and incorporating signatures on iPads. Its productivity, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness make it an essential tool for our evolving logistics requirements."

Anthony Montalbano

Karma Knoll

Managing director at IML - Messe Logistik

Hiring a Factional CTO costs less than you might think.
(I'm not going to insult you with €4,499)
  • Two concurrent requests
  • Turnaround time in days, not weeks
  • Pay by SEPA incasso or credit card
  • Pause or cancel anytime in less than a minute
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  • Five concurrent requests
  • Turnaround time in days, not weeks
  • Pay by SEPA incasso or credit card
  • Pause or cancel anytime in less than a minute
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Want to talk with me first?

Learn more about how I work and how I can help you during a free call.

Unsure? Let's remove all risk for you.

Within the first 2 weeks of your initial month, if you're not completely satisfied for any reason, just let me know, and I will refund your fee and cancel your subscription. That's something you wouldn't get from a full-time employee or some random freelancer.

Why I might not be a good choice?

Let's be honest, this way of working isn't for everyone. If you really need your CTO to be in your office, in tons of daily meetings or you need to have invoices with line items and hourly breakdowns, we're not a good fit.

Also, if you expect me to magically solve all problems your organisation is currently facing in three months while this technical debt has been collected in many years, we're not a good fit.

Your questions answered.

How many hours do I get each month?

I don't bill by the hour, and I don't track hours. Why? I found it to be a very inefficient and unpredictable way of working with clients. Honestly, do you care about how much time it costs to fix something, or that it is fixed as soon as possible?

My focus is on delivering results at a consistently high level of quality and as little risk to you as possible. Without that high bar of quality, more hours of work just means more problems to fix in the future.

I know hourly billing is entrenched in this industry, and this may require a mental leap you're not yet comfortable with. That's why I offer the money-back guarantee. Try it out and see for yourself.

Can you join our daily stand-up?

No. I keep meetings to an absolute minimum. It's one big reason I'm as efficient as I am. But don't worry, you'll know exactly what we're working on at any given time.

But what about a weekly check-in call?

Ofcourse. I can join your stand-up once a week to stay updated on important things your team is working on, and to understand how your company generally handles things.

Can I call you if my site goes down?

No. I am not able to offer emergency support, and it's probably better for someone on your team to handle it. Ideally, for security reasons, I wouldn't even have access to your production environment.

We don't use GitHub. Is Gitlab or Trello okay?

Sure. However, I definitely prefer to work with GitHub. Part of my efficiency comes from having a repeatable and well-documented process. But if your team already has a different tool in place, I can be flexible and adapt our process to your workflow.

But hey, if you've been meaning to move to GitHub anyway, maybe now is a good time. I can even help you with the transition.

Can I pay afterwards?

No. This Fractional CTO subscription is made in such a way that there is minimal risk on your behalf. Don't like the first weeks? I will refund your subscription.